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Jan 1 – 7 

Swinging in the New Year

Chris Pattishall Quartet with Special Guests

Alina Engibaryan & Vuyo Sotashe


Chris Pattishall 曾获得格莱美最佳钢琴演奏和作曲提名,在音乐届的创造性表现十分引人瞩目。他曾与 Wynton Marsalis, Jon Hendricks, Jimmy Heath, Donald Byrd, George Coleman, Billy Hart, Jamey Aebersold, Wycliffe Gordon 等知名音乐艺术家共同演出。最近,Chris Pattishall 被 Wynton Marsalis 称为30岁以下最值得关注的五位爵士音乐家之一。他也开始参与到越来越多的音乐实践中,作为一个钢琴家和作曲家,Chris 获得过 ASCAP 年轻爵士作曲家奖, Betty Carter 爵士先锋计划和拉维尼亚音乐节 Stean 年轻艺术家计划。

Grammy-nominated pianist andcomposer Chris Pattishall is a compelling creative presence in the music world.He has appeared with Wynton Marsalis, Jon Hendricks, Jimmy Heath, Donald Byrd,George Coleman, Billy Hart, Jamey Aebersold, Wycliffe Gordon, Fred Wesley, Steve Wilson, Steve Nelson, Billy Kilson, Bucky Pizzarelli, Russell Malone,Mark Whitfield Sr. and Rafiq Bhatia. Pattishall can be heard on Jamison, the Grammy-nominated debut of vocalist and drummer Jamison Ross.

Recently named by Wynton Marsalisas one of the top five jazz musicians under 30 to watch, Pattishall increasingly operates at the convergence of disparate musical practices.

Active as both a pianist and composer, Chris holds an ASCAP Young Jazz Composer’s Award, and participated inthe Kennedy Center's Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Program and the Ravinia Festival Stean’s Young Artist Program.

Alina Engibaryan 是一位拥有高亢激昂嗓音的歌唱家。她热情的嗓音能够迅速带动起听众以及合作乐手的情绪。她是一位非常值得人们去现场聆听的歌手。在2012年,她参加了在阿姆斯特丹举行的 Princes Christina Jazz Concours 比赛,并且入围了决赛。之后一年,Alina 入围了在欧洲举行的 Dutch Vocal Competition 比赛的决赛。

“An intimate voice full of valiant whims, Alina Engibaryan is a novel vocalist within a modern improvisational tradition. She has passionately developed a sensibility that enables her to communicateemotions instantly to the audience and her fellow musicians. With both a technical mastery and an audacious attitude, Alina is a live experience to be heard”.


Vuyo Sotashe 是一位年轻的南非爵士乐歌手,他已经渐渐在纽约甚至是世界的爵士舞台上崭露头角。他毕业于 William Paterson 大学并获得了富布莱特奖学金,同时取得了音乐学士学位。Vuyo Sotashe 于2014在首届 Mid-Atlantic Jazz 音乐节歌手比赛的舞台上登台演出,并且获得了比赛的一等奖。Vuyo 还有幸与 George Benson 一起在开普敦国际爵士音乐节上与开普敦交响乐团合作演出,Vuyo 的音乐深受南非科萨,福音音乐和广阔的爵士乐传统的影响。

Young South African jazzvocalist, Vuyo Sotashe, is gradually making his mark in the New York jazz sceneand internationally. He recently graduated with a Master of Music degree at William Paterson University through the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship. He has gone on to win first prize at the very first Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival Vocal Competition in 2014, and performed on the festival’s main stage. Vuyo hasalso had the privilege to perform with George Benson with the Cape Town Symphony at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival. Vuyo’s music is deeply influenced by South African Xhosa, gospel music and the vast jazz tradition.




Jan 1 – 7

Jazz Rythms From Around The World

Jan 16 – 21

Classic Mood of Jazz

Jan 23 – 28

The Feeling of Blues


Ulysses Owens Jr. Quartet with Special Guest Alicia Olatuja


Owens 独特、直接的演奏风格,再加上他特有敲击技巧、音乐质感的操控,使他赢得了几个21世纪最成功的爵士乐队中的地位。他与许多音乐大师都有过合作。Owens 连续五年被“DownBeat’s Critics Poll”评为“后起新星”。 他是2013年 ASCAP Plus Award,2014年Global Music Award 和2015年 Jazz at Lincoln Center Swing! Award 的获奖者。

Owens’s signature straight-away playing style, coupled with his unique manipulation of percussive shape andtexture, has earned him positions in some of the most successful jazz ensemblesof the 21st century. His performance catalog includes collaborations with Wynton Marsalis, Kurt Elling, Dianne Shuur, Renee Fleming and Mulgrew Miller, justto name a few. Active as both a pianist and composer, Chris holds an ASCAP Young Jazz Composer’s Award, and participated in the Kennedy Center's Betty Carter Jazz Ahead Program and the Ravinia Festival Stean’s Young Artist Program. Owenshas been named a Rising Star by Down Beat’s Critics Poll for five years straight. He is a recipient of the 2013 ASCAP Plus Award, the 2014 Global Music Award and the 2015 Jazz at Lincoln Center Swing! Award.

、甜美音色的歌手,舞台表现亲切又不乏庄重”,Alicia Olatuja 以其精湛的嗓音,多彩的艺术风格和迷人的风度令观众惊叹不已。她在2013年首次登上全国舞台,同时在巴拉克·奥巴马总统就职典礼上担任 Brooklyn Tabernacle 合唱团的独唱歌手。 此后不久,她组建了自己的爵士乐合奏,并录制了她的第一张个人专辑“Timeless(2014)”。

Praised by the New York Times as“a singer with a strong and luscious tone and an amiably regal presence onstage”, Alicia Olatuja has been astounding audiences with her exquisite vocals, artistic versatility and captivating demeanor. She first came into the national spotlight in 2013, whilst performing as the featured soloist with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir at President Barack Obama’s Second Inauguration. Shortly thereafter, she assembled her own jazz based ensemble and recorded her firstsolo album, Timeless (2014).


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